Adding To The Mix

If Lake Oconee is “the engine that has driven the whole economy” of the area, as Roddie Anne Blackwell, president of the Eatonton-Putnam County Chamber of Commerce says, then Reynolds Plantation is the key that cranks that engine.

Eastman/Dodge County: Wearing It Well

Mario Matos was a young man in a hurry when he arrived in America in 1975. Fresh from high school in his native Peru, he rushed from job to job in restaurants and sewing factories, always looking for a way to get a toehold on the American Dream.

Macon/Bibb County: Looking Ahead

Local rumor has it that when Johnny Morris, founder of Bass Pro Shops, came to Macon looking for a new store location he soon spotted the exit sign for Bass Road on Interstate 75 just north of the city. "That's where it's going," he reportedly declared.